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Hello 2009!

My name is Angela Oh, but my friends and family members call me Angie. I am currently 20 years old and was born in Baltimore, Maryland. I was raised in Philadelphia for most of my life but now reside in Maple Shade, New Jersey. Living in the Northeast doesn't really give me the opportunity to play on golf courses all year round, but I practice at an indoor facility at Fox Meadow Golf Center.

Other than golf, I like to play the guitar and piano. I workout about three times a week and attend a yoga class on Tuesday nights. I love looking through magazines when standing in line to buy something. Would loved to have met Audrey Hepburn; I feel I could have learned a lot from her. I like watching movies on rainy days. People tell me that I have a warm heart. I've never been to South Korea where my parents are from. I NEVER want to experience food poisoning again (especially during the Women's Open!!!). We have an adopted dog named Snowball. I enjoy reading motivational books. My favorite TV show is MTV Cribs, but I also enjoy watching sports other than golf. I like homemade treats and snacks. And having fun is a must no matter what I do!

I have a younger sister who used to play golf but is taking the academic route instead. Her name is Joanne. My father's name is Sunny Oh, and he has been my swing coach, caddie, supporter, and biggest fan for my entire life. My mother, Silvia, is one tough woman. She has undergone surgery for breast cancer and recently finished her chemotherapy - and she still manages to take care of the family.

I did not know about my mother's condition until after the Sectional LPGA Qualifier in Venice, FL. My family members kept the secret from me until after I walked off the golf course so that I can chase after my dream. I made it to the Final Qualifier in Daytona Beach and tried my best to play without pressure. I tried not to think about my mom and concentrate on my game but it was difficult. I was upset that no one told me about my mom undergoing surgery. But I am glad to say that she is doing well.

2009 is finally here and I am looking forward to meeting new players as well as some new fans!

Here are some links if you want to know more about me!

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