Kung and Hung gift elementary school students with golf

October 14, 2009 - LPGA players, Candie Kung and Amy Hung, returned to their old elementary schools in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and gave away soft golf kits as presents in the hopes that local students will be able to know more about the sport. Teachers and students were all very excited to witness the professional players' live demonstration of the sport.

Kung and Hung graduated from Kaohsiung Municipal Cisian Elementary School and Si-wei Elementary School respectively. Both gave their old schools a set of golf clubs as presents and demonstrated how to use it in person. The professional demonstration immediately won the admiration from the students and everyone took turn to try playing the sport.

Hung said that she started learning golf at the age of seven, which was when she entered the elementary school. She pointed out the obstacle golf education faced was the lack of close cooperation between the government and educational institutions. In the US, there were golf teams in middle and high schools while they were few in Taiwan.

Hung hoped that by giving the gift, people's the interest for the sport would grow in the elementary school stage and that children could have the opportunity to learn playing golf.

Kung, who started playing golf at the age of 13, also stated her reason to promote golf was that there were not enough professional golf players from Taiwan; a good professional golf player was one in a million and since that golf has become an Olympic sport, the more devoted people there are in the sport, the better chance Taiwan will have to stand on the international stage.

Kung moved to the States with her family when she was a middle school student. Her teacher, Chen Jing-hua, retired, remembered Kung gifted in many ways, such as instruments and sports and was proud that Cisian Elementary school has such an outstanding alumnus.

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