Tseng introduces golf to children in Taiwan

An LPGA Professional Helps Set Up a Golf Course at an Elementary School

Tseng Yani has been leading the way in the SNAG golf promotional campaign, making Liyuan Elementary School in Linkou Township – the school that Tseng herself attended – the first stop in the SNAG promotional tour. When Tseng Yani arrived at the school, the children were as excited as if a pop star or movie star was paying a visit; the school rang with excited shouts and screams. With several hundred students taking part in the activity, the atmosphere really was like a pop star's signing session. The special guests at the event included Ms. Eily Ho, Chairperson of the KH Golf Foundation, Liyuan Elementary School Principal Ms. Ch'iu Yueh-Ying, and Mr. Li Ming-Wei, Head of the School's Parents Association.

Tseng Yani spent more time at Liyuan Elementary School than she did at any other school, so she has a strong sense of attachment to the School, and many happy memories. As soon as she walked through the School gates and saw the familiar buildings and teachers, as well as all the adorable schoolchildren, the memories of her own schooldays came flooding back. Her favorite class was Physical Education, and she was especially happy when she was selected to be the PE Monitor. She didn't neglect her academic studies either; her grades in elementary school were quite impressive.

Tseng Yani said that she was very excited to have the opportunity to come back to her old school to help promote SNAG golf. The first time that Tseng saw SNAG golf being played was at the Special Olympics International Golf Tournament last week; she was very impressed. SNAG golf uses a simple, streamlined set of equipment, enabling people to learn golf without having to spend a lot of money to do so. The weight and shape of SNAG golf clubs are similar to conventional golf clubs, but the game is easy to get the hang of. Tseng said that, even when she was hitting the ball with all her might, she couldn't get it to go any further than around 70 meters, making SNAG a very safe and convenient game to play. All you need to play is a relatively small area of open space, making it possible for schoolchildren to play golf on the school sports ground rather than needing to make a special trip to a golf course.

It has already been decided that golf will become an Olympic sport, so Taiwan needs to start cultivating its future Olympic golfers as soon as possible. SNAG golf provides an easy introduction to the game, and should help to get many more people playing, some of whom may turn out to have great potential. During the recent Special Olympics International Golf Tournament, Tseng Yani was deeply impressed by KG Golf Foundation Ms. Eily Ho's commitment to the promotion of golf in Taiwan, which encouraged Tseng to take time from her busy schedule to go back to her old school for this special promotional activity. Tseng said that she hoped that some of the children at Liyuan Elementary School would grow up to become LPGA and PGA tour professionals.

Ms. Eily Ho expressed the hope that other golfers would be encouraged to do more to promote golf in the way that Tseng Yani was doing, and noted that the idea for this SNAG promotion activity had come from Tseng herself; Tseng had told Ms. Ho that she would like to make a contribution to the development of golf in Taiwan. Ms. Ho said that she hoped that everyone would continue to support golfers like Tseng, so that Taiwanese players can become an even bigger presence on the international golfing scene.

(Photos courtesy of KH Golf Foundation)

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