Abigail goes inside the ropes with Stacy Lewis

When seven year old Abigail Davis wanted to walk with an LPGA player during this week's LPGA Tour Championship presented by Rolex in Houston, Texas she found a way to get it done. A connection between her church group in Houston and LPGA Tour Fellowship Leader Cris Stevens brought Abigail straight to Houston's own Stacy Lewis (left). Stacy, along with fellow LPGA players Stephanie Louden (right) and Wendy Ward (middle), hosted Abigail inside the ropes during Tuesday's practice round. Abigail, a blossoming young golfer, was born without the use of her left hand. But that does not stop her from playing the game that she loves. Abigail plays left handed ala Phil Mickelson and uses her “baby hand”, as she calls it, to brace the club. She will tell you that the best part of her game is putting; her favorite part of the game is hitting her driver hard, and her favorite player? You guessed it; Stacy Lewis.

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