Solheim Captains Quick 18 - Meg Mallon

1. How did you feel when you were chosen to be captain/assistant captain?
I was so excited to be a part of The Solheim Cup and it was an honor to be asked.

2. What was your favorite Solheim team to play on?
All of them.

3. What's your best Solheim Cup memory?
Too many.

4. What are you looking forward to most about The Solheim Cup?
How the players respond to everything and watching the first-timers in their excitement.

5. What will be the biggest challenge during The Solheim Cup week?
Getting enough sleep.

6. Use one word to describe The Solheim Cup.

7. What's the best advice you have gotten about being the U.S. Solheim Cup Captain?
Whatever the Captain says...

8. How would you describe your style of captaining?
World Class Worrier - try to stay one step ahead.

9. Is there an American athlete that has inspired you? And Why?
Babe Didrikson. I always wanted to be an Olympian and she was an amazing all-around athlete. I was inspired by her story.

10. What is your favorite part about being a captain?
Team camraderie.

11. What's your least favorite captain duty?
Collecting dirty laundry. I think I'll let Kelly do that!!

12. How would you describe Rich Harvest Farms?
An absolute beautiful property with rolling green hills and naturally flowing streams.

13. Tell me something most people don't know about you.
I'm a world class worrier.

14. Pick one: Red, White or Blue?

15. I'm proud to be an American because...
I just love my country and all it stands for.

16. Name your favorite American landmark:
The Varsity Club at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!! or Motown USA Ha!

17. Name your favorite American city and why.
Detroit, because it's where I grew up, Boston because I was born there.

18. Name your favorite patriotic song:
God Bless America - makes me cry.

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