2010 Rookies - Question Three

The rookies of the 2010 LPGA Tour are beginning to make a name for themselves. Get to know the rookies as they share their thoughts on a few topics. Check back towards the start of the season to find out more about your favorite rookies as LPGA.com shares some insight into their lives.

How are you going to spend your off-season?
Mallory Blackwelder
United States
Relaxing with family and friends and practice, practice, practice!!
Amanda Blumenherst
United States
I am going to relax and practice in Scottsdale, AZ, and visit family and friends in Indiana, Boston, and Duke.
Cathryn Bristow
New Zealand
Going home to New Zealand and spending time with my family.
Jane Chin
United States
I am planning on going snow boarding, spending time with my family and friends, and relaxing.
Tanya Dergal
Some family time in Mexico, then I will train to get ready for the 2010 season.
Tamie Durdin
(not a rookie but participated in rookie orientation)
Relaxing. Had a long season in Japan.
Mina Harigae
United States
I already took a month off golf in September. I just focused on getting fit and working out a lot so that I can get stronger. But I also did some hiking because that is a hobby of mine. I was also able to catch up with friends and hang out with them. But now I will be working to improve my game for the upcoming season in Phoenix.
Maria Hernandez
I am going to go back to my country, Spain. Enjoy the time with my family and friends and get ready for the season.
Nannette Hill
United States
Take some time off and start working hard!
Katie Kempter
United States
Playing, enjoying some family time, and taking a mini vacation to Hawaii for the Hawaii State Open... then some down time!
Lucy Kim
South Korea
I want to take my mind off golf for some time and try to get more sleep and spend more time with my sister and Lucky (my dog). I will then be able to dedicate myself to golf again for the 2010 season.
Cindy LaCrosse
United States

I'm going on a cruise in December with friends and teammates from U. of Louisville. I will be in Tampa the rest of the time.

Pernilla Lindberg
Go home to Sweden for Christmas and New Years to hang out with friends and family, and to go skiing.
Lisa Meldrum
Relaxing, working out, and practicing.
Gerina Mendoza
United States
Relaxing and preparing for next year.
Paola Moreno
At home (Colombia) with my family.
Azahara Muñoz
Spending time at home (Spain) with my family and friends.
Gwladys Nocera
Relax at home. I traveled a lot this year and didn't take enough time to be at home and do simple things. I will also spend the holiday season with my family and go skiing in the French Alps.
Beatriz Recari
In Miami, working hard getting ready for next year's season.
Jean Reynolds
United States
Spend time with friends and family! I will take a little time off near the holidays and then start practicing and working with my coach.
Dewi Claire Schreefel
Hopefully there won't be too much of an off season.
Marianne Skarpnord
At home relaxing.
Libby Smith
(not a rookie but participated in rookie orientation)
United States
Working at Admiral's Cove in Jupiter, FL.
Christine Song
United States
Getting ready for next year and resting.
Mariajo Uribe
Scuba diving, dancing, and getting ready for next year.
Whitney Wade
United States
Practicing and resting in Florida.
Alison Walshe
United States
Take some time off and relax as well as prepare for a great upcoming season.
Adrienne White
With my family. I'm heading home to Canada to take some time off golf and spend some good quality time with family and friends.


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