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Dawn Coe-Jones carries Olympic torch

On October 31st, 2009, Dawn Coe-Jones had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch. Dawn writes about her experience below.

My torch experience was obviously something I will never, ever forget.  I felt extremely honored to have represented my hometown of Lake Cowichan, B.C. and to have shared the experience with family and friends.  My run was during the second day of the torch relay.  It was October 31.  I received the torch at Point Ideal in Lake Cowichan and I carried the flame in one of six lanterns that made the trip from Greece one day earlier.  We then left on a sea plane and flew 20 minutes to Salt Spring Island (which is between Vancouver Island and the Mainland of British Columbia).  Once we arrived at the dock, they lit my torch and my small piece of history began.  The crowds were very excited, some even hanging from windows just to get a glimpse.

Once on the shore I carried the torch up to the start of this small community and then lit the torch of a young teenage Native girl from the Island.  It was a moment I will never forget.  Canada will light up the world hosting the games I'm sure.

I proudly have my torch displayed on a stand in my game room. 

(You'll see Dawn Coe-Jones at 1:26 minutes into the video.)

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