Nicole Castrale speaks out about Veins for Life

25thAnnual Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October 2010

Nicole Castrale speaks out about being a Veins for Life* team member

As an LPGA Tour player, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is not what I do inside the ropes, but what I do outside the ropes. Since the month of October is breast cancer awareness month, I thought I would take this opportunity to help pass along some very important information that might help current and future cancer patients. This season I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Veins For Life* (VFL*) team on the LPGA Tour.  The Veins For Life* Awareness program helps cancer patients, their friends, and their families to have a better understanding of how implantable ports can be very important part of chemotherapy treatment.
Unfortunately, two family friends of mine have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo chemotherapy.  Being a VFL* Team member allowed me the opportunity to educate them on the benefits of using the implantable ports during treatment, which is designed to preserve their veins for a longer, healthier lifestyle.  It can minimize pain and limit complications compared to using an I.V. to dispense the chemotherapy medication.
When I asked my friend, whom will begin chemotherapy in the coming weeks, about her thoughts regarding the VFL* information I provided, she replied, "I am so impressed that a foundation is focused and detailed enough to worry about the veins of cancer patients.  For a group to try to save people's veins is really special!"  My other friend that is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments said she "never knew the importance of saving her veins."  For both of them, this will be a long fight!  They are encouraged knowing that their veins will be preserved after treatment which will allow them a better quality of life for years to come.
If I wasn't a VFL* team member, I would not have had the knowledge about the importance of using ports during cancer treatment.  It has been helpful to my two friends as they are both currently in a fight to beat breast cancer.  I wanted to tell these stories to help spread the word about VFL* to all LPGA fans. 

For more information, please visit their website and pass the word along to your families and friends. 

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