Get to know 2011 Rookies - Holiday Plans

The rookies of the 2011 LPGA Tour are beginning to make a name for themselves. Get to know the rookies as they share their thoughts on a few topics. Check back towards the start of the season to find out more about your favorite rookies as shares some insight into their lives.

Any special Holiday plans? How are you going to bring in the New Year?
Shasta Averyhardt
No special plans, just going back up north to have a snowy Christmas. I'm used to that! I need a trip to Las Vegas for New Year's.
Danah Bordner
I'll be in Florida with family and my new niece Piper and then Steve and I will be traveling to Taiwan.
Sarah Brown
Spend time with family and friends. Catch up with some old friends and then prepare for the 2011 season by working out a lot and working on mechanics.
Dori Carter
I'm going to Atlanta with friends to celebrate New Year's.
Jodi Ewart
Returning home to snowy England for a couple of weeks to enjoy my family.
Tiffany Joh
Hopefully I'll be awake this year.
Jennifer Johnson
My family and I had a very low key Christmas and New Year's at home. We spent it with some friends and family and of course lots of good food!
Kimberly Kim
I'm spending the holidays in Colorado.
Jessica Korda
My cousin whom I have not seen in a year and a half is coming, so I get to spend it with her.
Amelia Lewis
Hanging with family and friends and enjoying time at home before the season starts again.
Harukyo Nomura
Ryann O'Toole
Hopefully I'll be in Australia.
Stephanie Sherlock
Hopefully I'll be in downtown Toronto with my long time high school friends.
Jenny Shin
Golf. I need to get ready for the first tournament.
Jennifer Song

Well right before Christmas, on the 20th of December, I’ll be turning 21 so I think I’m going to enjoy my 21st birthday moment as much as possible. I wish this year’s Christmas could be a white Christmas. And for the New Year I’ll be spending some time in Orlando, Florida doing some winter training. My plan for the New Year is to start fresh with lots of energy.

Jenny Suh
I'm going home to Fairfax, VA for Christmas. Hopefully I'll get tickets for the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. Roll Tide.
Jaclyn Sweeney
Spending time with my family and friends
Alison Whitaker
I'm going to stock up on some family time!

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