Kolon LPGA Love of Kimchi Event in Korea

A group of LPGA players including Na Yeon Choi, Eun-Hee Ji, M.J. Hur, Vicky Hurst, Katherine Hull, Sandra Gal, Stacy Lewis, and Nicole Castrale participated in the Kolon LPGA Love of Kimchi event with the Kolon Family Volunteer Team.

Players got together and visited Gwachon Senior Center on October 28th and made 500 “po-kees” of Kimchi.

Upon hearing from many Korean players, Katherine Hull, from Australia, drew a lot of laughter from the crowd and volunteers when she said “I think Kimchi is one of the reasons why Korean players are playing so well on the LPGA! I am going to try Kimchi just so I can avoid the flu!”

Nicole Castrale said, “I've had several chances to eat Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi stew/soup) with Korean players on the Tour but this is a totally different experience! I am having a lot of fun making and experiencing Kimchi in a whole new way. I think I am going to be a Kimchi ambassador!”

This event was organized under the KOLON LPGA Cross Cultural Development Program. This program continues to focus on helping international players with communication and interview skills and further promote all the different cultures of the world to the members and fans of the LPGA.

This year marked the 8th LPGA tournament in Korea and an event that truly brought together players from different countries for a unique Korean culture lesson.


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