Players talk about their favorite college football teams

Do you follow any college football teams religiously?
Laura Diaz No - I should say Wake Forest
Wendy Doolan Florida State
Meredith Duncan Really??!! Is Baton Rouge NOT the best town EVER?
Jackie Gallagher-Smith LSU
Natalie Gulbis Pac-10, University of Arizona
Kim Hall Stanford
Stephanie Louden  
Paige Mackenzie U of Washington
Charlotte Mayorkas UCLA - Go BRUINS!!
Morgan Pressel University of Michigan
Anna Rawson USC Trojans are my #1, but my second favorite is Alabama! Roll tide.
Lisa Strom I love college football! There's nothing like attending a game at The 'Shoe in Columbus! Go Bucks!
Kris Tamulis F-L-O-R-I-D-A- S-T-A-T-E! Whooooo!
Wendy Ward Yes - Sun Devils - Go ASU
Also Texas Aggies, OU Sooners, KU Jayhawks


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