Players talk about their favorite Halloween costume

What is your favorite Halloween costume from your past?
Laura Diaz I didn't have one but Coop looked soo... cute as a shark last year. He is Spiderman this year. I think I will dress up as a pregnant lady... ha ha
Wendy Doolan Scarecrow
Meredith Duncan The flashing nun! With fake boobs of course.
Jackie Gallagher-Smith Homemade clown costume my mom made
Natalie Gulbis  
Kim Hall Raggedy Ann
Stephanie Louden  
Paige Mackenzie Nun (bro was priest that year). 4th grade.
Charlotte Mayorkas A pirate... yarrrr!
Morgan Pressel A tennis ball when I was one or two
Anna Rawson College football player. When I was at USC, one of the players, Sunny Byrd, let me wear his uniform for away games - it was actually quite comfortable.
Lisa Strom There have been a few costumes that I have enjoyed. My mom made me an Annie costume on year (red dress/black shoes). I dressed up as Pippy Longstocking and Wendy (as in the fast food chain personality) in college.
Kris Tamulis I was a giant Lipton tea bag one year. It was cute! :)
Wendy Ward Dressing up in my dad's Army fatigues and boots


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