Players talk about their favorite NFL teams

What is your favorite NFL team and how did you become a fan?
Laura Diaz  
Wendy Doolan Miami = Peer Pressure
Meredith Duncan Dallas Cowboys. I wanted to be the first female quarterback when I was five. Then I only grew to 5'1". Decided golf might be better.
Jackie Gallagher-Smith Steelers. My parents grew up outside of Pittsburgh. Husband, Eddie, is from Pittsburgh. Colts, too. I grew up in Indiana.
Natalie Gulbis  
Kim Hall Dallas Cowboys (America's team!) A fan from early childhood because of my parents.
Stephanie Louden Dallas Cowboys - moved there two years ago and got season tickets.
Paige Mackenzie Seattle and Steelers (by association and my friend's a fan and I watch at her house)
Charlotte Mayorkas San Diego Chargers, because I'm from SD and grew up watching them.
Morgan Pressel Lions - sad, but happy they won a game!
Anna Rawson NY Jets because they have former Trojan Mark Sanchez starting at Quarterback.
Lisa Strom The Minnesota Vikings are my favorite NFL team because growing up, they were the closest team to ND and SD.
Kris Tamulis Detroit Lions - I'm from Michigan and Hey! They just broke their losing streak!
Wendy Ward Seahawks - moved to WA St


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