Get to know the 2011 Rookies - Offseason Plans

The rookies of the 2011 LPGA Tour are beginning to make a name for themselves. Get to know the rookies as they share their thoughts on a few topics. Check back towards the start of the season to find out more about your favorite rookies as shares some insight into their lives.

How are you going to spend your offseason?
Shasta Averyhardt
Hmmm this is simple... sleep, eat, work-out, and find a local volleyball club to join. Haha!
Christel Boeljon
I will spend Christmas and New Year's with my family and play hardly any golf! When the New Year kicks off I will go over seas for time to prepare for the new season.
Danah Bordner
I'll be in Florida with my husband, family and friends. Then I'll be in Taiwan for three LAGT events in January.
Sarah Brown
A little bit of relaxing, working out and working on mechanics.
Dori Carter
With friends and family at home in Georgia with lots of food and drink.
Jodi Ewart
Practicing and relaxing.
Tiffany Joh
Sitting in my pjs, eating cereal straight out of the box.
Jennifer Johnson
I will spend most of it in Carlsbad and the rest of my off-season in La Quinta working with my coach, Chris Walkey. I want to use the time off to improve on all parts of the game.
Kimberly Kim
I'm going to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy the relaxation.
Jessica Korda
I'm taking a break and after Christmas I'll start preparing for the season.
Jennie Lee

Spend time at home with my family.

Amelia Lewis
Practicing and getting ready for the next season, now that I am on the LPGA Tour I need to work even harder.
Harukyo Nomura
Golf training in Hawaii
Ryann O'Toole
Preparing for the next level. Working hard on the course, in the gym and mentally prepping myself for my future play.
Stephanie Sherlock
Going home for Christmas to Canada then coming back to Florida in January to start getting ready for March.
Jenny Shin
Do the same thing, golf, but I will be taking it easy.
Jennifer Song

I’m going to take some time with my family and we’re planning to go to Cebu, Philippines for a family vacation. And although I cherish golf, I think I’m going to spend some time without my golf clubs. I think that just sitting in the sun and not doing anything will make me happy.

Jenny Suh
Practicing and working out in Florida. Hopefully staying warm too!
Jaclyn Sweeney
Relaxing and training in the gym and on the course.
Alison Whitaker
I'll be back home in Australia. It's going to be hard traveling from the golf course to the beach! NOT!


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