What do players look forward to in the offseason?

What are you looking forward to most during the offseason?

Amanda Blumenherst Being able to spend a lot of time at home and not traveling too much.
Christi Cano Enjoying time with friends and family.
Chella Choi Bungee Jumping
Diana D'Alessio Spending time in my new house.
Laura Diaz Spending time with my kids.
Meredith Duncan Cycling long distances and watching my TV shows.
Karine Icher Sharpening my game to be able to win in 2011.
Katie Kempter Working out and enjoying a lot of mental rest.
Cindy LaCrosse Getting settled in my new apartment and catching up on my favorite TV shows.
Brittany Lang Being home and not traveling.
Taylor Leon Going to the ranch with my family and boyfriend.
Paige Mackenzie Going back to my parents house for Christmas.
Gwladys Nocera Relaxing. No traveling. Skiing.
Kris Tamulis No golf for at least a week!
Wendy Ward Spending time at home with my husband and dogs on the ranch.

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