Meet LPGA Futures Tour Graduate and LPGA Rookie Tiffany Joh

Two-time LPGA Futures Tour tournament winner and current LPGA Rookie, Tiffany Joh was one of five Californians finishing in the top-10 on the 2011 LPGA Futures Tour’s season money list. She finished No. 6 in season earnings at $37,566.

Joh of San Diego, Calif., had a great year in 2011. In seven starts, she recorded four top-10 finishes and two top-fives, including a win at the South Shore Championship - Crown Point, Ind.

Here’s what Joh has to say about her 2011 Futures Tour seasons and her thoughts on heading to the LPGA in 2012:

LPGA: How would you describe your 2011 season?
JOH: In one word, educational. I learned a ton and met so many cool people.

LPGA: Last year you finished eighth on the money list and earned LPGA membership, this year sixth, what do you feel you did differently this year to improve your status?
JOH: I just got off to a quicker start. I think it's really key out on the Futures tour. You get rolling quickly, so you don't put as much pressure on yourself towards the end of the year. Or you can just be like Sydnee Michaels and just win the last two events of the season. No Big Deal.

LPGA: When the top-10 Futures Tour players earn their cards, they get giant replicas of their LPGA Tour card. You’ve added another to your collection do you still have your big cards?
JOH: I actually have NO idea where it is. I was going to use it as a coaster, but I couldn't find a mug that was big enough.

LPGA: Once the LPGA season ends will you take some time to relax away from the course? (Last year you took up surfing – any plans like that, new sport, hobby?)
This year, my off-season will be a bit shorter. The LPGA season doesn't end until mid November, then the Australia swing picks up again in January; but I still plan on taking a mandatory 2-3 week leave of absence from golf. Who knows, maybe I'll join a shuffleboard league.

LPGA: If you weren’t a professional golfer what else would you do?
JOH: I always joke around and tell people I'd be a groupie, but realistically, I would love to run a coffee shop or bar, anything where I could help book live music and try to look for undiscovered talent.

LPGA: What have been the biggest challenges playing as an LPGA Rookie?
JOH: I think trying to reach out of my shell (yes, even I have one) to ask questions when I don't have a clue what I'm doing. The veterans out on tour can seem a little intimidating and it took me a good 4-5 tournaments to realize how patient and approachable they really are.

LPGA: What are your goals for the 2012 season?
JOH: Same goal I had this season: To survive.

LPGA: What part of your game will you work on during the off-season?
JOH: Short game, distance, irons... So yeah, basically everything.

LPGA: You’re having a great LPGA rookie season and have really made a name for yourself what has been your ah ha moment?
JOH: Probably when Vicky Hurst agreed to do a cameo in one of my videos. It was an Ah-Ha and Ha-Ha moment.

LPGA: Now that you are a YouTube “star” – what are your plans for your next video? I hear that Michelle Wie and Meredith Duncan have had some suggestions – you think they want to be in the next videos?
I have no idea. Usually when a video comes to fruition, it's kind of a whirlwind. e.g. "Beat It" took 2-3 hours to write and film, and "Yangster's Paradise" was all done on Sunday of the Taiwan LPGA event. Duncan and Michelle both have given me some ideas, but I'm just waiting to see what Betty Bader is willing to dance too

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