Florida's Natural Moms Blog: Maria Hjorth

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Maria Hjorth of Sweden celebrates with her daughter Emily on the 18th green after winning the LPGA Tour Championship at the Grand Cypress Resort on December 5, 2010 in Orlando, Florida.

Maria Hjorth: My daughter Emily, she turned two in February. She's a very active girl right now obviously being two and trying to figure out a lot of things. We speak two languages to her. I always speak Swedish to her and my husband is from Australia and he speaks English to her. We have a Swedish nanny so she'll still learn Swedish. She understands both languages but right now she mostly says English words. I want her to at least know the language and to understand it even if she wouldn't be able to answer back in Swedish.

My travel with Emily depends on the schedule. If I go abroad or overseas to Asia I won't bring her over there. If it is just one week then I try and have her stay home because it's better for her to be in her own routine. If it gets to be two or three weeks then I'll bring her out on the road. Having someone travel with me has always been important. To make sure that if I have early tee times I don't have to get her up and get her ready to take her to daycare. The daycare out here on the Tour is amazing. We have it every day of the week. She loves it.

Sometimes it's hard. You have to plan more. I have to think about all the things to bring for her. Taking her on the planes and having to entertain her. It's a lot more work but it's great to have her out on the road as well.

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