Ask the Captains: Who is the favorite this week?

Rosie Jones: Well, I think both teams are very strong. There is a lot of depth on both sides of the cup. Any time you're going overseas, you feel like you're at a disadvantage because of the crowds and the amount of fans the Europeans can have, and the momentum that the Europeans can gain from those crowds. But you also ‑‑ but we're confident. We feel we've won here in 2007. We've won here another time when I was on the team in, I think, '96, and there is a possibility. There is always that possibility. But we don't come in here, looking better on paper, assuming that we can win.

Alison Nicholas: Yeah, I think we've got a strong team. We've got some very, very good players. We've got nine wins this year from my team. And I think we have got a team that has strength and depth. But I would never underestimate the Americans, because I still, on paper in the world rankings, we are the underdogs slightly. So we never underestimate them because they're very competitive, and they've got a very, very good side.

Rosie Jones
Alison Nicholas

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