Members of Team USA talk about favorite patriotic things

Members of Team USA names some of their favorite American things.

Name your favorite patriotic song.
Cristie Kerr - Proud To Be An American
Ryann O'Toole - Star Spangled Banner
Christina Kim - Star Spangled Banner. I always cry when I sing it.
Morgan Pressel - Star Spangled Banner
Brittany Lang - Made in America by Toby Keith
Michelle Wie - Star Spangled Banner
Brittany Lincicome - Star Spangled Banner


Red, White or Blue?
Cristie Kerr - Red!!
Ryann O'Toole - Blue
Christina Kim - Red
Morgan Pressel - Red
Brittany Lang - Red
Michelle Wie - Red
Brittany Lincicome - Red


Name your favorite American city.
Cristie Kerr - New York City
Ryann O'Toole - San Clemente, California
Christina Kim - New York City
Morgan Pressel - New York City
Brittany Lang - Dallas
Morgan Pressel - Honolulu, Hawaii
Brittany Lincicome - Chicago


Name your favorite American landmark.
Cristie Kerr - Statue of Liberty
Ryann O'Toole - Rocky Mountains
Christina Kim - Mt. Rushmore
Morgan Pressel - Statue of Liberty
Brittany Lang - The White House
Michelle Wie - Lincoln Monument
Brittany Lincicome - The White House


Stars or Stripes?
Cristie Kerr - Stars!
Ryann O'Toole - Stars
Christina Kim - Both!
Morgan Pressel - Stars
Brittany Lang - Stars
Michelle Wie - Stars
Brittany Lincicome - Stars


An American athlete who has inspired you.
Cristie Kerr - Arnold "The King" Palmer
Ryann O'Toole - Tiger Woods
Christina Kim - Juli Inkster. She embodies a grateful and gracious athlete, while being firey and competitive.
Morgan Pressel - Nancy Lopez
Brittany Lang - Steve Prefontaine
Michelle Wie - Mia Hamm
Brittany Lincicome - Nancy Lopez

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