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Balancing Act

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June 11 2012, Katie Ann Robinson

Jodi Ewart is full-time golfer, part-time wedding planner

A full-time golfer on the LPGA Tour will play approximately 28 tournaments this year. That’s around 132 days or more spent on a golf course, not to mention a tiresome travel schedule that comes with it. Tack on several sponsor appearances and charity events, while squeezing in some time to practice during an off-week.

So it’s no surprise that many golfers struggle to find time for a social life, let alone plan a wedding.

A little over a year ago, on the sandy beaches of Sarasota, Jodi Ewart became a wife-to-be when fiancé Adam Shadoff popped the question. In the midst of her first season on the Symetra Tour, Ewart suddenly had a lot on her plate. But despite the excitement of their upcoming marriage, the two decided to elongate their engagement in order to bend around her busy work schedule. 

“We decided to take our time just because I am always away,” Ewart said of her wedding planning.

 “But we decided to hire a wedding planner, but just a kind of guide. She’s helped us a lot, given us options, and we’ll just pick one kind of thing.  So, it’s been easier. My fiancé is doing quite a lot of it as well.”

The two met while Shadoff, current sports director for SNN6 in Sarasota, was working with a station in Albuquerque, N.M. covering the women’s college golf Mountain West Conference Championship. Ewart was the leading light on the University of New Meixco roster and Shadoff needed a quote for a news story.

 “He interviewed me,” Ewart recalls. “Then I think later he like ‘MySpaced’ me or ‘FaceBooked’ me saying you know ‘good luck’ or ‘good job’ for the tournament or whatever, and we got to chatting. And eventually went and played golf and that was it really.”

The North Yorkshire, England native went on to win the individual title at the tournament, giving her the confidence she needed as she started her professional career on the Syemtra Tour. While she was quite social on the Tour, meeting three of her bridesmaids Rachel Connor, Brittany Chide and Natasha Krishna, Ewart tallied nine top-10s and qualified for her LPGA card after tying for 30th at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament, earning her card for the 2011 season.

Since her first appearance at an LPGA event, Ewart has posted two top-10 finishes this season with a tie for seventh at the Kia Classic and a tie for ninth at the Sybase Match Play Championship. Although she is chasing her dream, she is slowly realizing the time commitments to golf have altered her personal life drastically.

“I think the harder part is to stay focused on my social life,” Ewart says. “Like golf always comes first to me, so trying to find time to stay focused on wedding planning and my social life has been difficult.

But it’s like when I was in college. I had to balance golf, school and social life. No matter what golf always came first but I think college really prepared and trained me to balance it all.”

Seven months and counting from their wedding day in Sarasota, but Ewart doesn’t plan to lessen her time spent on the golf course as she ends each week an inch closer to her first LPGA victory. The 24-year-old has enjoyed her successes this year, but is taking a relaxed mental approach to the rest of the season.

“I set goals at the beginning of the year but I try not set specific ones like winning such and such tournament or earning this amount of money,” Ewarts says. “I definitely want to play well, but my main focus is to just enjoy it and have fun.” 

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