Yani Tseng’s “Swinging Skirts Golf Camp” Debuts in Taiwan in December

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Taiwan’s LPGA star Yani Tseng announced this week that a junior golf training camp named after her will be held from December 12th to 14th at the National Golf Country Club in central Taiwan. Yani and world-renowned golf coach Gary Gilchrist will personally instruct Taiwan’s young golfing talents, marking the first step of Yani’s aspirations to give back to her hometown.
Of the 8 players ever to be ranked number one in the world in the Rolex Rankings, Yani is the youngest, if not the most aggressive one, to set in motion her visions of promoting junior golf. Trained and groomed in Taiwan as a junior golfer before making a name for herself on the LPGA Tour, Yani has reiterated her wishes to follow in the footsteps of her idol Annika Sorenstam to build a golf school.
“After playing in the U.S. for a few years, I feel that Taiwanese golfers are very talented. What is lacking is international systematic and scientific training to bring out the best in them. Promoting golf has long been my dream; I wish this camp will give Taiwan’s golf a jump start,” said Yani Tseng, who also planned to invite outstanding graduates from her camp to attend AJGA’s Yani Tseng Invitational Presented by Swinging Skirts, a junior tournament slated for April 2014 and owned by Yani.
Gary Gilchrist will personally introduce his world-renowned golfing instruction to Taiwan’s up-and-coming junior golfers. Gilchrist is the founder of Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (GGGA), where top professional golfers and aspiring junior amateurs alike hone their golfing skills. In 2012, Gary Gilchrist was named one of the top 100 golfing instructors in the US by Golf Magazine.

Swinging Skirts and Yonglin Foundation chip in to sponsor the camp

To help Yani realize her dream, Chairman of the Swinging Skirts Golf Foundation, as well as the title sponsor of the camp, Mr. Johnson Wang said, “By way of staging high-profile international golf tournaments, Swinging Skirts Golf Foundation has been able to help expose Taiwan’s players to world-class competition. Meanwhile, we are also hosting the “Dream-chasing Cup” throughout northern, central and southern Taiwan to help lay the foundation for our young players to make it to the international stage. We hope Yani’s high popularity can inspire more youths to be interested in golf and take up golf, while garnering the support of their parents. Over the long term, we hope to get more young people to play golf and make golf one of Taiwan’s elite sports.”
Yonglin Foundation is yet another sponsor instrumental to the debut of this camp. Chairman and founder Jeff Gou said, “Supporting education and fostering our next-generation youths with high potentials have long been the unwavering principles of our foundation. We are pleased to see Yani leverage her personal clout and resources to help motivate junior golfers. Moving forward, Yonglin Foundation will continue to focus on education and physical education to help provide better learning environments and more resources.”
Young golfers to receive instructions from Yani and Gilchrist
Gary Gilchrist said via pre-recorded video, “Giving back to Yani’s home town through golf has long been her dream, and I feel honored to help Yani with that dream and that she turned to me in the first place. I am excited to bring my expertise and know-how in golf coaching and my system of training to Taiwan. From my observation, I understand Taiwan has created quite a few young, talented golfers. I hope I can help inspire these promising players to reach their full potentials and help introduce more young talent to international golf.”   
Yani Tseng Swinging Skirts Golf Camp will be divided into two groups. The first group, made up of 24 promising junior golfers from Taiwan and China aged 12 to 20, will receive three consecutive days of intensive training, including oral communication, swinging clinics, fitness drills, course management and mental buildup. Yani will also play some holes with these students to provide on-the-fly lessons and tips.
Another group is intended for 60 schoolchildren aged between 7 and 12 to experience the game of golf through interactive games, teaching tools, fun putting games and swing lessons.

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