Today's Quotes on the KPMG Women's PGA Championship

Annika Sorenstam (LPGA and World Golf Halls of Fame member and 3-time winner of the LPGA Championship)
The majors in our sport are so "big." They present big challenges, big moments and can have a big impact on the careers of players and the history of the sport.  This new partnership between the LPGA, PGA of America and KPMG is “big” in every way. The women on Tour are being given a special gift in the form of huge prize money, greater exposure and a bigger career impact.  And just as exciting for me is KPMG’s focus on making sure this major also creates “big moments” for women outside of the game as well, especially in business.  I am very happy for everyone involved!

Nancy Lopez (LPGA and World Golf Halls of Fame member and 3-time winner of the LPGA Championship)
I am so excited to see the LPGA Championship take another huge leap forward!  For me, it has always been a special event that every player strives to win.  But now, with the addition of network television, the awesome jump in prize money, and the rotation of world-class venues-plus the opportunity to impact women in golf and in business-this is big time!  I am so proud for all the women on the LPGA.

From the start, this major has always relied on the support and belief of corporate sponsors.  Companies like Mazda, McDonalds and Wegmans have been there for us in supporting the women's game and we can't thank them enough for the foundation they have built.

Karrie Webb (LPGA and World Golf Halls of Fame member, LPGA Board of Directors Member and 2001 winner of the LPGA Championship)
As someone who loves the tradition of the game, it will be tough to see the name change away from “LPGA Championship”, but it’s comforting that the traditions, legacy, and opportunities for our members will still remain.  For younger players on Tour, they can be confident that this tremendous Championship will continue for decades to come, and be bigger and better than ever before.

Dottie Pepper (17-time LPGA winner and PGA of America Board Member)
In my unique position as an LPGA member and former Tour player who has now joined the PGA of America as a Board Member, I can see the great strides that have been made bringing these two organizations together for this Championship.  Each of them is committed to growing the game and growing career opportunities for women.

It is very satisfying to know that one of the greatest events in women's golf will now coincide with one of the greatest women's business forums.  I'm proud and honored to have witnessed the development of this partnership and I have no doubt that there will be significant impacts on the lives of women, both on and off the golf course." 

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