Excerpts from Michelle Wie's 2016 Olympic Presentation

Matteo Manassero: And now I would like to introduce you to another member of my generation, from the United States, Michelle Wie.

Michelle Wie: Thank you Matteo, and on behalf of my fellow athletes, thank you again for the opportunity to be here today. 

I have been playing golf since I was four years old.  Growing up, I was inspired by the great athletes of our sport.  Tiger Woods and Ernie Els have been my heroes.  For so many boys and girls around the world, their heroes have been Olympic athletes. Until today, I never thought there was any chance that I could share in that dream. With your support, I can dream about being an Olympian, I can dream about the chance to enter the Olympic stadium during Opening Ceremonies. And I can dream of doing something that not even Tiger or Ernie have ever done – make the final putt to win an Olympic Gold Medal. 

If this dream comes true, I have no doubt that somewhere in the world, there will be a four-year-old girl who will see me on the podium, and perhaps start her own Olympic dream. 

And now, I would like to introduce my heroes, Ernie Els and Tiger Woods.

(At this point in the presentation, Michelle Wie introduced a video from Ernie Els and Tiger Woods.)

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