Hotel fire near the Evian Masters Golf Club

The night before the opening round of the 2009 Evian Masters Presented by Société Générale, a fire broke out in a hotel near the Evian Masters Golf Club. Unfortunately, the location of the fire was near two LPGA Tour members.

Asleep in bed, Amy Yang was unaware there was anything going on.

"I was sleeping, but my dad was not sleeping. We heard some noises and he told me they were fireworks. He checked outside and, already, we couldn't get out through the door," she said, describing the flames that were already moving up the building. "First thing my thought was golf shoes. First thing he thought of was golf bag."

"Amy and bag," said Mr. Yang, pointing to his head. "That's all I think, Amy and bag."

Mr. Yang threw two mattresses out the window, then the golf bag and then he and Amy jumped. Mr. Yang had part of his arm bandaged on Thursday at the course and, other than not having any extra clothes, both were unharmed. They were able to later go back into the hotel and found their passports, which were wet from the firefighters fighting the flames, but still in tact.

Meanwhile, a floor below, LPGA Tour member Catriona Matthew and her husband - who is also her caddie this week - Graeme were staying. Graeme was on the balcony watching the fireworks when Catriona heard some noises and asked him if it was raining. When he said 'no,' that's when she went to investigate and realized the noises she was hearing were fire embers cracking. They only had time to grab a bag, but not shoes. In the process of running out of the building, Graeme burned the bottom of his foot and spent most of the night in the hospital. He was unable to caddie for Catriona the first two rounds of the event.

There were also some caddies on the same side of the building, but all escaped unharmed and were able to relocate. Matthew carded rounds of 74-72=146 (+2), while Yang carded rounds of 74-71=145 (+1).

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