Highlights of Cindy LaCrosse from Wegmans LPGA Championship

Cindy LaCrosse was thrust into the spotlight when she shot a second consecutive 3-under par 69 during the third round to put herself in contention to win Wegmans LPGA Championship. LPGA.com caught up with her for a quick Q&A.

It was the weekend, you’re paired with Yani Tseng in one the last groups on Sunday, what was going through your mind at this point?
I was really excited and nervous about playing with Yani in the final group. But that is what competitive golf is about. And playing in the final group of a major with the number one player in the world well that was unbelievable.

What was it like being thrust into the media spotlight?
It was kind if weird being in the media spotlight, but I think the Futures Tour did a good job preparing me for that. After a good round you get to talk to Lisa Mickey. So you always want to talk to her, then you know you played well that day. It was definitely different to have a bunch of people from the media asking me questions. But everyone just wanted to know m story, how I got there, so that was neat.

We know the crowds are “slightly” smaller on the Futures Tour side so how was it playing in front of large crowds?
The crowds didn't bother me too much. I was nervous the first couple of holes on Saturday and Sunday but after that I was able to calm down and enjoy having a bunch of people watching

What did you learn from the experience?
The main thing I learned from the Wegmans is you have to stay in your own process, you can't think of anyone else beside yourself and your own golf that day. And to keep doing what got you there.

How did winning a couple of tournaments on the Futures Tour prepare you to be towards the lead and perhaps in one of the final groups in an LPGA event?
Apparently it didn't prepare me well enough... It prepared me to know what it feels like to be in the lead or chasing the lead. I think remembering those tournaments can only help when I'm out here on the LPGA.

If a song was played when you teed off what would it be and why? “New York, New York” since you’ve had great luck in the state?
I love music, so there a lot of songs I would pick to play on the first tee. I am slightly obsessed with Beyonce right now so something of hers should for sure be blasting when I walk to the tee.

Do you have any golf superstitions?
I always start off the day with four golf tees in my pocket. Not sure why, I just seems like a good number

Tell the .com viewers something about yourself that not many people know.
For cardio, I take a fitness boxing class that is a ton of fun and a great workout. I also love thrills, like roller coasters and I went skydiving this year and had an amazing time!

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