Creamer excited to play Carnoustie for RICOH Women's British Open

Paula Creamer sat down to discuss playing in the RICOH Women's British Open at Carnoustie. 

Q. Which memory stands out the most fromplaying the Ricoh Women's British Open?
PC. Playing St. Andrews was quite an honor. My 21stbirthday was on Sunday so it was very special. My grandpa, he was 89 came and he stood on the balcony of his hotel room every day and watched me come down 1,2 and 17,18. Those are memories I take with me.

Q. Who is going to be the main competitor at the Ricoh Women’s British Open?
PC. Mother Nature. You can’t predict anybody in the British Open. It’s too difficult. The weather has so much to do with it. And depending what draw you have…you can’t get away from the top-10 players in the world.

Q. You played Carnoustietoday? Was it what you expected?
PC. The golf course is what you see is what you get. I’m really surprised how long and narrow the greens are. The bunkers come into play, but you have to have a straight drive of the ball, which is one of my strengths. It wasn’t too windy today. I know it can blow pretty hard here, so I’m hoping to get more practice rounds with heavy wind as well.

Q. What is going to be the greatest challenge at Carnoustie?
PC. I think its going to be…looking at the past men’s Opens here it all comes down to making putts. There’s not a lot of breaks on these greens. I think that professional players always play golf courses with big breaks, but these greens are flat with just a little bit of break. That’s going to be the key…who will trust that and go with it.

Q. What changes do you make with your clubs here for this tournament?
PC. For me I always change my woods. I have a 7 wood and a 5 wood normally. This week I put in a 3 rescue or hybrid or a 4 rescue hybirdjust so I can keep the ball lower. You have to be able to control your ball flight over here with the wind and especially rain you have to be able to control it much more. And I put a 4 and 5 iron in..

Q. Weather can change quickly? How do you prepare?
PC. I think you can prepare for it easily. Nowadays with the clothing companies like Adidas you have Clima-wind, Clima-cool, Clima-warm clothes that can all help you adapt to the weather. That’s the greatest thing about having good clothing. The bags are heavy. I feel bad for the caddies. There’s a lot of things. Hand warmers, towels. It’s gets heavy. You have to prepare for everything.

Q. What are you thoughts on the championship’s efforts to raise money for Japan?
PC. I think it’s a great way to give back. Especially to help with everything that is going on in Japan. Being an ambassador for Ricoh I couldn’t be more proud to be with a company who wants to do that and be a part of it. Hopefully we can raise a lot.

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