Gustafson undefeated at 2011 Solheim Cup

Sophie Gustafson went undefeated this week for Europe at The Solheim Cup. Gustafson entered the week with a record of 9-12-6 and extended that record to 13-12-6 for a total of 16 points overall.

Q. How good does that feel to get that point?
SOPHIE GUSTAFSON: It feels so really, really good. This is the best I've ever played in the Solheim Cup. Today I was determined to win my point and stay unbeaten.

To win all four matches is something I never expected coming into the Solheim Cup, and I'm very proud to have done it. I had to hang on in the bad weather. It was really tough. It was pissing down and very windy, too.

I don't know really know how I did it, but I did. I was just so determined, I guess. It is a very important point for the team. Hopefully, some of the other matches can turn around, hopefully Mel and Laura. I'm going to go out and support the girls now. I'm feeling good that we can do it.

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