Second time's a charm for European Captain Alison Nicholas

Untitled Document Alison Nicholas served as the European Solheim Cup Captain for two consecutive Solheim Cups and this year she was victorious. The Europeans felt like this year's team was the best it had ever been and really like their chances. Nicholas came in with a game plan to not play anyone all five matches and it worked in her favor.

THE MODERATOR: Please welcome the winning Solheim Cup captain, Alison Nicholas, and her assistant captain, Joanne Morley. Catriona Matthew will join us shortly along with the other European team members.

Alison, congratulations. Perhaps you could just start by saying how sweet it feels to have this cup back again?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Well, it's unbelievable. I have no words to describe it. I mean, the team were phenomenal today. Their passion, they never gave up, and it was so close. Gosh, my emotions were up‑and‑down all day. It was an amazing display of golf. The drama and atmosphere here was just incredible.

Q. With about half hour, 40 minutes to go, it didn't look like there was much hope, and then things just kicked in and it all kicked in with really great play.
ALISON NICHOLAS: Oh, it was amazing.

Yeah, they did, and they turned it around. I mean, Tutu's finish was unbelievable. 16, 17, 18, class.

The rest of them just hung in there. They all played well. They had passion. I believed in them, and they believed in themselves and they were just sensational. I hand this cup to them, totally.

Q. Alison, you've probably got the deepest European team you've ever had in this competition. How much did that affect the way that you were able to fuel players during the week and your strategy?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, because it's a long golf course, and we decided to rest some players before the singles because in the past we played players five times, and it seems to have hurt us in the singles matches. So I was going to stick to that whatever, and it paid off.

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