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How to Get the MOST from Your Driver…

As a professional golf educator, the most common request from my students is… “How do I hit the ball farther?” When we learn golf, unfortunately we do so with many mistaken assumptions. In my experience, the most costly error is thinking that the golf club is swung by the arms and hands. It certainly looks that way.

But, to the untrained eye, there’s a lot more going on. The golfer’s trunk (these days known as the Core) is providing the most thrust that causes the most FORCE!

Therefore, let’s focus on the FOUR FORCES that produce the most force that produces the most distance with your driver! First, let’s assume the back part of the golf swing is primarily an upper body event. The forward swing begins from the lower body or from the ground-up, utilizing:

FORCE # 1 LEGS - Your legs are the major booster rockets in maximizing distance. Your arms are fast, but not as strong as your legs. Just like the booster rockets on the space shuttle lift the shuttle out of Earth’s atmosphere, the legs boost the ball maximally.

FORCE # 2 LEVERAGE - When the player hinges their wrists to create a 90 degree angle of the shaft and their lead arm, leverage is created. The longer that angle is retained as the player swings towards the ball, the farther the ball goes. As we learned in school, we get a lot more accomplished with little work when leverage is utilized.

FORCE # 3 LAG - When the player ends the backswing and begins the forward swing properly from the ground-up, their arms lag behind creating a whipping motion which in turn multiplies the amount of velocity of the forward swing. This also increases velocity, club head speed, and distance.

FORCE #4 LAUNCH ANGLE - We’ve learned that Tiger Woods has gone to using a 10.5 degree lofted Driver. With his swing speed, he is maximizing his distance and driving ability by adding loft and creating maximum launch angle. Most amateurs lose distance by using too little loft with their drivers. This makes the golf ball return to earth too-o soon! If you really want to hit the ball farther, add more loft.

Remember the 4 L’s: LEGS, LEVERAGE, LAG, & LAUNCH to optimize your driving experience!

Karyn Dunphy lives and teaches golf in Studio City, CA. She has been a member of the Teaching & Club Professional Division of the LPGA since 1999. Karyn is also a multiple LPGA event winner and focuses on bringing the most out of her clients by maximizing the synchronicity of mind, body, and spirit. She has recently authored The Power of Joy-filled Golf.

Karyn can be reached at: 818-288-6950 /

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