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Let Great Golf In…with the “Art of Letting Go…”

Golf is INFINITELY complex. Therefore, playing a golf shot without mental or emotional interference would obviously tend to produce a better outcome.

In order to create this “NO INTERFERENCE” zone, a golfer must create a Pre-Shot routine that allows the player to execute a shot playfully. Key word ‘Play’.

Kids play naturally. We should play golf naturally. We don’t work golf, we play golf. Separate the space that you design your shot from the space that you play your shot. As my mentors (Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson) said, have a ‘thinking area, and a playing area’. Design your shot, your club selection, your rehearsal swings, away from the ball, and commit to the outcome. Then approach the ball and PLAY your shot.

An awesome way to augment your pre-shot routine and access the ‘zone’ is to be conscious of your breath. After you approach the ball and do aiming and setup, sight your target while you are on your in-breath, and then exhale as you slowly return your eyes back to the ball. When you can’t exhale any more, that’s your trigger to begin your swing. It’s a fabulous way to avoid mental thoughts from interfering with your intentions.

Avoid “stinkin’ thinking” by practicing the Art of Letting Go! The Art of Letting Go will allow you to execute amazing golf shots effortlessly!

Karyn Dunphy lives and teaches golf in Studio City, CA. She has been a member of the Teaching & Club Professional Division of the LPGA since 1999. Karyn is also a multiple LPGA event winner and focuses on bringing the most out of her clients by maximizing the synchronicity of mind, body, and spirit. She has recently authored The Power of Joy-filled Golf.

Karyn can be reached at: 818-288-6950 /

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