How to Engage Young Girls Learning Golf

At Girls Golf events, sometimes, it is NOT about golf!

As golf professionals if we want to teach and retain young girls then we always have to be looking for THEIR points of entry into learning and enjoying the sport -  not mine and not yours. Often this means putting down the 7 iron and creating time for an obstacle course that catches their attention, or leaving the putter in the bag and having a golf fashion show, or cutting short the drills to make time for a pizza party, or ending a golf session with a water balloon toss, and the list goes on and on.

Great educators of every discipline are constantly making connections like this to draw students in, to keep them invested, to make time for fun so they can meet them where they are.  Why should golf be any different? 

So don’t be afraid to have some fun and take a few detours along the way. I cannot say it enough, grow the child FIRST and that will grow the child’s interest in the game.

FIND CONNECTIONS and their points of entry and always ENGAGE!

  Kate Tempesta
  Founder, Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy
  LPGA T&CP Member

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