Refresh your Game with Michelob ULTRA: Maintain the Flex for More Distance

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Maintain the Flex for More Distance
By: Karen Palacios-Jansen, LPGA T&CP 2008 Teacher of the Year

If you are looking for more distance, maintaining the flex in your back knee may be a simple fix to unlock your power. Many of my students that come to see me tend to straighten their back leg as they swing the club back which blocks their ability to rotate their hips and shift their weight properly. Just try to take a practice swing while keeping your knees straight and you’ll understand how important it is to flex your knees.

If you are maintaining the flex of the back knee you have the ability to load your power and push off through the swing to generate the maximum power for your size/frame/ability. Each knee moves differently on the backswing. The left knee of a right-handed golfer bends a bit deeper and may even shift towards the back knee to allow the hips to rotate properly. The right knee, however, doesn’t increase its flex. Rather, it remains in position and acts as a brake on your hip rotation, preventing them from turning too far creating resistance to produce the spring-like effect on the downswing, helping to generate clubhead speed at impact. Simply thinking of maintaining the same knee flex of the back knee as you swing back, can help you produce a powerful coil on the backswing.

One of the best things you can do to increase your ability to do this throughout the swing is to work on your fitness. It does not take much but if you work on your lower body strength and balance you will increase your distance and create more power in your swing.

Karen Palacios-Jansen
LPGA T&CP 2008 Teacher of the Year

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