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The Pitch Shot - by Gale Peterson

A High Lofted Shot, the Pitch Shot travels farther in the air than on the ground.


  • Full swing Grip
  • Square to slightly open stance (heels 6-8 inches apart)
  • Ball position is 1 to 2 inches inside the left heel
  • Hands are positioned in mid-body


  • Arms swing while wrist hinge
  • Left arm and shaft form an “L”
  • Shaft is on plane by pointing at the target line or slightly inside the target line


  • Arms swing while maintaining wrist angle body, turns thru
  • Hands stay ahead of the clubhead, shaft is leaning forward at impact (ball then turf)
  • Flat left wrist, bent right


  • Arms swing while “L” is formed
  • Body faces the target at finish
  • Shaft is on plane by pointing at the target line or slightly inside the target line

A PGA and LPGA Member, Gale Peterson has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping golfers become better players. From the novice to the tour players, all levels of players come to Gale for help in playing their best golf. Her 30 years of experience at Sea Island, combined with the success stories of her students have earned her many accolades: National LPGA Teacher of the Year, Georgia PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest’s “America’s 50 Greatest Teachers,” Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers,”…to learn more from Gale go to

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