Improve Your Putting

Improve Your Putting
by Jane Frost, LPGA Professional

Would you love to make more putts from 3 feet? Those dreaded 3 footers have knees knocking around the world so what is the answer to making more of these pesky putts? You have to be square…at impact that is. Here is a great exercise that will improve your impact position when putting.

Yardstick Exercise

Get a metal yardstick at your local hardware store and set it up aimed directly at the hole. Best to find a relatively flat, straight putt. Place the ball at the end of the yardstick and then putt the ball. When the putter face is square at impact, the ball will roll down the yardstick and into the hole. If the putter face is closed, the ball will roll off to the left and when the putter face is open the ball will roll to the right. Keep your hand pressure soft yet constant and experience, adjust; experience, adjust until the putts are rolling true.

Square clubface at impact –
ball rolls into the hole

Closed clubface at impact –
ball rolls left of the hole

Open clubface at impact –
ball rolls to the right of the hole

Ready to roll it in!


Jane Frost is the owner and lead instructor at the Jane Frost Golf School in located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Jane offers premium class golf schools, golf clinics, private and semi-private golf lessons for golfers of all ages and levels of playing ability.  To learn more about Jane go to

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