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Wives'-Tales - by Christie Quinn, LPGA Teaching Professional

Golf has many myths.  Covering everything from driving to course management, these myths are passed down from father to son, father to daughter, and so on.  Misguided myths:

Aim at the Target

We’ve all heard this statement before…maybe even said it to another golfer.  The statement isn’t so much mythic as it is confusing.  The question is, aim what at the target?  Your club face? Your shoulders?  Your body? 

The problem with this myth is that it can cause people to misaligned themselves in one of two ways, hurting his or her golf handicap.

• Aiming the feet, hips, knees, and shoulders directly at the target will leave the club face following a line well right of the target; or,

• Aiming to compensate for ball flight errors, like when you aim left to compensate for the ball flight error of a slice (for right handers).

When aimed correctly, the leading edge of the club face sits at a right angle to the target line while your body aligns parallel-left of the target line.  This set up establishes perfect parallel alignment. 

This position doesn’t come naturally.  So you need to work on it on the range to recognize when you’re aiming correctly on the course.

Christie Quinn is the Director of Instruction for the Discover Your Swing Golf Academy in Long Beach, California. To read more tips from Christie go to

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