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How to create your own VISION - By Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson

Two strategies for “the future” are setting goals and having a vision.

How is a vision different than goals?
A vision inspires you to set goals. Goals are very specific; vision is not as specific and has no timelines. Vision is about creating the big picture of what you really want in golf and life. It’s about dreaming in a proactive way. Goals are more logical.

Vision is tapping into all possibilities. A vision gives you direction for your actions and energy. A vision is compelling, it pulls you and attracts you. Your vision is living and dynamic, which means that you revisit it, and if needed, fine-tune it regularly. You also want to feed it and nurture it.

Goals are like steps on a ladder. The vision determines which wall the ladder is resting on. You want to climb your goal ladder and make sure you like where you are climbing to!

How is a vision different than a dream?
A vision is something you create in a proactive way to guide your future, and all senses are involved so it’s congruent with how you vision your future. A dream can be something that comes to us while sleeping or being awake, and is much more sub-conscious. You can create a vision from a dream, but not the other way around. A dream can be an escape, but that is not true for a vision.

To achieve what you want in life you need some kind of filter for what direction to go and what to say either yes or no to. You are born with infinite possibilities. You can do anything, but not everything. Having a vision can help you make up your mind. You are the expert on yourself.
You can get advice and inspiration from others, but then you need to come back and decide on the vision that feels good and right to you.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world! ~ Joel A. Barker

Marriott and Nilsson are both featured among the top-50 lists for Golf Digest magazines’ best teachers, and alumni's of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers. Golf Digest ranked them in 2012 as the #1 and #2 women teachers in America. In 2005, GOLF Magazine named VISION54’s flagship program, 54 GOLF, the number one golf school in the U.S. They have coached players to more than one hundred tour victories on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Ladies European Tour; including six major LPGA Tour winners. They also have co-authored a number of books, including the best-selling Every Shot Must Have A Purpose, The Game Before the Game and Play Your Best Golf Now. Their coaching articles have been frequently featured in the major golf publications, and they have enjoyed numerous appearances on The Golf Channel. To learn more about Lynn and Pia and VISION54 go to


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