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Your Recipe for Success = Keys for GREAT Putting
By Nancy Henderson, LPGA Professional

The first and most important key to successful putting is the belief that you……………
“Are a GREAT putter.” Believe that you CAN make putts and you WILL make putts.

The two ingredients to successful putting are Distance and Direction.

Take time to line the name or the line on your golf ball in the direction that you would like the ball to travel on. Once that is done, use the line on the top of your putter and match the two lines so that you know that you are aimed correctly.

Distance is controlled by the length and the speed of the swing of the putter. The back swing and the follow through should mirror each other. You always want to accelerate through every putt. Too long a back swing leads to a decelerated stroke and inconsistencies in distance control. Remember your stroke should be Coca-Cola not Mountain Dew.


Three Ball Drill – Start close to the hole and line up three golf balls at three, four and five feet away from the hole. Keep trying until you make all three putts.

Four Corner Drill – Take your putter and place a tee one putter length away at all four corners surrounding the hole. Try to make your way around the hole twice by making eight consecutive putts. Notice as you go around the hole, how the putts break differently from each side of the cup. This is a good drill to help with both distance and direction.


Shoulders - The most important alignment in putting is the positioning of your shoulders. Make sure that your shoulders are aiming in the direction that you want the ball to travel on.

Eyes over the Ball – Your eyes should be directly over the ball in order to aim correctly and to stroke your putt on the line that you would like the ball to travel on. Place a mirror in the spot that you ball would be when you address your putt. You should be able to see your eyes in the mirror. If you don’t have a mirror, take your normal putting stance and set-up to a golf ball. Drop another ball from your nose and it should hit the ball on the ground that you have addressed.

Finally, putting is the most individualized area in golf…………..
relax, be yourself and do whatever it take to get the ball in the hole!

Nancy Henderson, is a Class A member of both the LPGA and PGA and is the Executive Director for the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Membership. In this role, Ms. Henderson oversees the day to day operation of the association including its educational programs, tournament offerings, certification and testing.


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