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In 1950, the dreams and visions of thirteen courageous women who wanted to play professional golf became a reality with the founding of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). The 13 LPGA founders are: Alice Bauer, Patty Berg, Bettye Danoff, Helen Detweiler, Marlene Bauer Hagge, Helen Hicks, Opal Hill, Betty Jameson, Sally Sessions, Marilynn Smith, Shirley Spork, Louise Suggs and Babe Zaharias.

The Founders Film

The 13 Founders

Alice Bauer

Patty Berg

Bettye Danoff

Helen Detweiler

Marlene Bauer Hagge

Helen Hicks

Opal Hill

Betty Jameson

Sally Sessions

Marilynn Smith

Shirley Spork

Louise Suggs

Babe Zaharias

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Tournament Completed
Indy Women in Tech Championship Driven by Group 1001 Indianapolis, IN
Round 4 To Par Thru
1 Sung Hyun Park -23 F
2 Lizette Salas -23 F
3 Amy Yang -22 F
4 Jin Young Ko -20 F
T5 Danielle Kang -19 F
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