Claire Hollingsworth

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

  • Role at LPGA

    LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Member

  • Year Joined Girls Golf 2018
  • Girls Golf Program

    LPGA*USGA Girls Golf - Memphis

  • Who introduced you to golf and when did you start playing?

    My dad and big brother Jesse introduced me to golf, and I started playing at 11 years old. I grew up watching my brother play in matches in middle and high school.

  • Why do you love to play golf?

    I think that golf is so fun, and I love meeting new people at my tournaments. I played against a senior at the Tennessee State Golf tournament from the Ukraine! I love that I will be able to play golf forever.

  • What do you like most about Girls Golf?

    Girls Golf has given me opportunities that I never would have had. They offer fun clinics with amazing golf pros and through Girls Golf I was able to meet some amazing people… and even have my own commercial!

  • Why do you recommend golf to more women and girls?

    I think if more women and girls were to give it a try, they would find out how fun it is, and that it’s a sport you can play your entire life. How cool is that?

  • How can golf be more welcoming to black women and girls?

    I think people who have never tried golf may think it takes too long and can be boring. I think that a great way to make it more welcoming would be to offer fun ladies and girls clinics with fun drills and games. I also think that sometimes 18 holes can be a lot for someone, so maybe they should have more fun 9-hole ladies tournaments with food and drinks. That seems fun to me.

  • What drives you?

    I was the smallest at my orphanage, the smallest in my grade every year, and always the smallest on the golf course! My size is what drives me in golf and in life. I am constantly compared to kids half my age and receive hurtful comments regarding my size. I like to respond, "I might be small, but I am mighty!" Watch out world, I am just teeing off.

  • What is your #LittleGirlBIGDream?

    I have two! My big dream is to play college golf, and my second is to play a round of golf with Lydia Ko.

  • Who would be in your dream foursome?

    Lydia Ko, Danielle Kang, Luke Combs, and me.

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