Renee Powell

LPGA Tour and LPGA Professionals

  • Year Joined the LPGA 1967 (LPGA Tour), 2000 (LPGA Professionals)
  • College:

    Ohio University and The Ohio State University

  • Who introduced you to golf and when did you start playing?

    My dad introduced me to golf at age 3, but I began playing seriously at age 10.

  • Why did you decide to make golf your career?

    After playing collegiate and amateur golf, professional golf was the next step in competitive, golf which I loved.

  • Why do you recommend golf to more women and girls?

    Golf is a sport that teaches important values while also challenging you. As an individual sport it builds self-confidence. It brings people into your life from all backgrounds and opens door in the world of business. Golf is great exercise for the body and the mind.  Friendships can last a lifetime when people have much in common.

  • How can golf be more welcoming to black women and girls?

    Golf can be more welcoming to people who look like me by accepting individuals as they are and not acting as though they do not belong. It is important to invite girls and women to participate in golf activities or join them on the course. Golf can also be more welcoming by not ignoring these groups as though they were invisible.

  • Advice to your younger self?

    Be confident when walking into an uncomfortable situation. Work hard at whatever you do and gain as much knowledge as you can about what you plan to pursue in life. Education is key.

  • Who would be in your dream foursome?

    My dream foursome changes because there are so many people to choose from, but it always includes my dad who gave me incredible opportunities. I would also love to play with Mickey Wright to watch her flawless swing, and Old Tom Morris as I would love to understand more about the early days of golf and how to play the Old Course.

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