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LPGA VISION and MISSION: Our mission statement is also our vision. "Be a recognized worldwide leader in sport by providing women the opportunity to pursue their dreams through the game of golf."  This states simply where we are going and how we will get there.  Our vision as an association is to lead our industry in golf education. This vision starts with our national education programs and the refinement of these programs.


 L -      Leadership

We lead by example through our sportsmanship, integrity and respect for the game. We lead by demonstrating the highest performance standards for others to follow. We lead by being role models in golf, in business and in life.

 P    -      Passion

We love golf. We believe in our vision and mission. We are determined to grow everyday. We are proud and positive about what we do. We embrace our passion and share it with others.

 G   -      Giving

We care. We know we are very fortunate. We believe it is important to give back to the game. We embody the spirit of those who came before us; we uphold their standards of excellence. We know that a life worth living encompasses a life that's giving.

 A    -     Approachability

We embrace our fans, sponsors and students. We recognize the value of interacting with them. We strive to always exceed their expectations. This is what sets us apart from others in the world of sports.