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Our employees are talented individuals who promote and inspire women’s golf around the world. Every day we create a dynamic culture of individuals who are empowered to constantly think bigger and most importantly, ACT bigger.

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“Working at the LPGA has always filled me with a sense of pride. We were one of the first organizations to focus on providing women an opportunity to play professional sports for a living and our 13 Founders were athletes back in the early 50’s that embodied the current skills and traits that are extremely popular when describing powerful women in the modern world. What this means to someone that works in this organization is that innovation, creativity, grit, kindness and passion is valued within the walls and that ideas come from ALL individuals in the organization, not just from the top!”

- Kiernan, Strategic Partnerships, Director of Partnerships, Joined the LPGA in May 2011


“The LPGA is a place like none other. It’s a family environment that can’t be duplicated. At the LPGA you’ll find everyone, no matter title or level, pitching in on any tasks if it helps push the business forward. We say we’re a team, and everyone is a teammate –more than that, we are a family. We understand the privilege we have been given to make the game of golf better, and not just the game itself but the family unit that works tirelessly on the game we all love so dearly. We all have a goal to leave the game and the LPGA better than we found it, and when we strive as a unit to meet that goal, we can only succeed. You don’t have to love or even know about golf to work at the LPGA, but a few short weeks here and you’ll fall in love with it because it exudes out of everyone -the passion is addictive.”

- Christy, Exec Asst, Legal & Tour Ops & Contract Administrator, Joined the LPGA in February 2012


“Working for the LPGA has really been a dream come true for me. I grew up playing golf and feel so blessed to still be working for the sport I love. The LPGA is truly a family – from the Tour Players, Teaching Professionals, Amateurs and Girls Golf programs, everyone works together to be the best and we are always learning and growing together as a TEAM! I have been with the LPGA for 7 years and had the most amazing experiences, met lifelong friends and traveled to places I never thought I would have the opportunity to see. In my current role, I work directly with the Foundation and Girls Golf program and love that I can help grow the game and continue to build the future of golf."

- Brittany, Manager, Foundation Partnerships, Joined the LPGA in October 2013


“As a member focused organization, it’s the LPGA’s primary responsibility to provide opportunities for women to play golf for a living! With that as an overarching value, working for the LPGA provides me with an incredible opportunity to be part of a team where everyone, regardless of title, is willing to take on any task, big or small, to make sure we deliver on our promise to make it better for today’s professionals as well as set the stage for young girls to dream about pursuing golf as a career."

- Scott, Senior Director, Tournament Business Affairs, Joined the LPGA in November 2008


"Whether you’re starting out your career in sports, exploring a new job opportunity or looking to be part of a global organization dedicated to creating life-changing opportunities for women and girls – look no further than the LPGA."

- Laura Diaz, Director of Foundation Operations, Joined the LPGA in April 2019


"Ultimately, I was searching for a job where my voice mattered and where I could help shape the future, and that's what I found at the LPGA. From ensuring that our tour players get the best playing opportunities around the world, to bringing more girls than ever into the game of golf, everything we touch here has such a significant impact to the sport. No task is too small. Working here, I'm constantly reminded of how we all fit into the grand scheme of things and how each of us plays a role in moving the organization forward.”

- Joe Encarnacion, Software Engineer/Database Administrator, Joined the LPGA in January 2014


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T1 Adela Cernousek -1 F
T1 Wichanee Meechai -1 F
T1 Andrea Lee -1 F
T1 Asterisk Talley -1 16
T1 Yuka Saso -1 12
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