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LPGA National Teacher of the Year Award

In 1958, the LPGA established the LPGA National Teacher of the Year Award. Since that time, the award has been given annually to the woman golf professional who has most exemplified her profession during the year.

Who is Eligible
The candidate must be a Class A, LPGA A-2, PGA A-2, Senior, Master Professional or Life member in good standing who is primarily engaged in the teaching of golf at a golf club, resort, approved golf range, retail studio, golf school or educational facility.

The member must have made significant contributions within the following areas:

  • Overall performance and expertise in golf instruction, which may include unique learning programs, player development among any and all populations, students of prominence, continuing education, and use of technology and training aids.
  • Service to and participation within her Section and the LPGA.
  • Leadership and the ability to educate and mentor fellow professionals.
  • Contributions to community and the golf industry.



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