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The LPGA offers a blended learning certification program with theory based learning as well as application learning through experiential course assignments and in-person learning. Each course is facilitated by an LPGA Global Education Team instructor who leads live training sessions and is available for individual meetings during online courses.

The LPGA Teacher Education Program Courses are open to those applying for membership and non-applicants.  The LPGA offers programs in 4 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin). Click the links below to see the list of courses for each program. Costs vary between programs, are subject to change, and do not include travel costs for in-person courses.

Programs must be completed in the order listed on these charts and all requirements must be completed to attain full Class A membership with the LPGA Professionals. 

USA Teacher Education Program (TEP) (English)

International Teacher Education Program (TEP) (Korean, Japanese, Chinese)

Non-Applicant Teacher Education Program (TEP) 

PGA Class A Member Teacher Education Program (TEP)

LPGA Tour Class A Member Teacher Education Program (TEP) 


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International Programs:

Korea - Chloe Lee (Sr. Coordinator, LPGA Professionals Asia), chloe.lee@lpgaasia.com

China - Yan Liu (LPGA Professionals Ambassador), huang,shang@yahoo.com

Click here to learn more about Yan Liu

 Japan- Yumiko Takeuchi (LPGA Professionals Ambassador) yumiko@canaryplan.co.jp


All prices are subject to change and does not include travel costs

Apprentice and Class B Members are responsible for annual dues of $575

Looking for Financial Assistance to become an LPGA Professionals member?

The Marge Burns Grant is open to all LPGA Applicants and Members who demonstrate a financial need to further their golf education.

**NOTE: Grants must be used within the year it is awarded. Exception, grants awarded in the 3rd selection may be used the following year.
**NOTE: LPGA Members and Applicants may apply more than one (1) time for the grant.

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