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LPGA Class A Tour Members 
Seeking LPGA Professionals Membership

LPGA Class A Tour members who join the LPGA Professionals membership will have a membership status of LPGA A-2.

LPGA Class A Tour members who select to be certified by the LPGA Professionals and achieve full Class A status will be classified as LPGA A-2 members and must complete the following:

You will have up to 2 years to complete the certification requirements. Completion will certify you as an LPGA Class A Professionals member with full benefits of membership and requirement to complete Continuing Education (CU’s).

You will be able to complete all the requirements through an online course and in-person Practical Teaching Evaluation (PTE) testing that is currently offered twice a year. To see the schedule and register for a program, please visit: TEP Schedule (scroll to the A-2 section at the bottom of the web page).

LPGA A-2 members are exempt from the Level I and II education programs and testing. The LPGA Professionals will provide the Level I & II manuals as part of the online course so members can prepare for the knowledge check quizzes. The online knowledge checks serve as a study guide to review this material, they are not pass/fail. 

The PTE Practice Lesson Videos will review the 12 components of an LPGA Practical Teaching Evaluation (PTE) Lesson. The information to execute each of these components is laid out in the logical progression of a lesson throughout the 16 chapters of the LPGA manual and will also be provided as part of the online course.

Application Class A Tour Member Price Non-LPGA Class A Tour Member Price

To start the application process, please complete the Member Interest Form at the bottom of the Apply Now page or email us at professionals.edu@lpga.com.

LPGA Class A Tour members are exempt from the Playing Ability Test (PAT)
$450 $450
Level I    
Level I — Knowledge Check

Upon completion of the application, you will be sent the LPGA Professionals Teacher Education Program (TEP) manual and access to a 25 question, multiple choice and true/false quiz. The questions will cover:
  • Communication
  • Professional development
  • Psychology of Golf Performance
  • The LPGA Integrated Performance System
$0 $1545
Level II    
Level II — Knowledge check

25 question multiple choice and True/False quiz. The questions will cover:
  • Golf Fitness and Equipment
  • The LPGA Integrated Performance System: In-motion
  • Observations/improvement strategies


$0 $1095
Level III    
Practical Teaching Evaluation Webinar (PTE)

Submit 2 Lesson Videos for Review and Feedback


$0 $350
LPGA A-2 Practical Prep-Course & Evaluation

Four (4) day workshop and evaluation

The LPGA PTE is designed to evaluate the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the physical and psychological principles for creating improved golf performance.
  • Teach two (2) 30-minute lessons. The lessons will include:
    • One (1) full swing lesson
    • One (1) lesson on a golf skill less than full swing (short game: putting, chip and run, pitch shot, or bunker shot)

Register - Scroll to the A-2 section at the bottom of the web page.

$1,100 for the Online Course and In-Person PTE $1,395

LPGA A-2 Written Evaluation

70 questions: multiple choice and True/False online

Note: After you attend the TEP A-2 class, you have a maximum of one (1) full calendar year to take the Written Exam. 

$0 $100






Contact LPGA Professionals at professionals.edu@lpga.com or 386-274-6200 for additional information.